The Bulls Head

Foolow Near Eyam Hope Valley Derbyshire, S32 5QR, United Kingdom, 01433 630873,

Our Lift Home Service

21:15 18-Nov-2017

If you live within 6 miles, or there abouts, we can take you home after you've had a few bevvies. Our free service is for the Bull At Foolow  customers only and we're more than happy to oblige. We have the famous Bull At
Foolow Mercedes van and we also have a reliable 4 wheel drive to take you home on those icy Winter nights. 

Any one who sampled our last year's New Year's Eve Menu will remember the van decked out in the theme of the evening - a riot police van went down very well for those who were delivered home after hours- whatever did the neighbours say?

Let us know when you book your meal with us in the Restaurant and we can cater not only for your culinary needs!

If you can get here - we'll get you back!