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Foolow's latest resident - The Hole!

Posted on Sunday, 09 February 2014 03:44PM by newsdesk

Foolow has recently been placed on the geological map after the dramatic appearance of a massive sinkhole just before New Year 2014. 


With a large amount of media coverage, the hole has now become something of a tourist attraction, though visitors have been warned by the Peak District National Park Authority to keep their distance when trying to take pictures as the land surrounding the hole, which continues to expand, is still liable to move and is potentially dangerous.

Easily visible from nearby roads, the hole, now in excess of 70m wide and 50m deep, is thought to be due to historic lead mining in the area and due to a collapse of a mine shaft from the Old Mill Dam Mine.

With the excessive rainfall since New Year it is believed that water has eroded the limestone and unconsolidated deposits beneath the shaft, causing the sinkhole to appear as land above subsides.

Much of the Peak District lies on porous limestone which can be eroded away by water percolating through the rock. The famous caves systems that can be visited in nearby Castleton provide stunning natural examples of similar geological activity.

When caves, created in this way, reach the top of the limestone layers, the loose sediments above can collapse creating sinkholes at the surface, as seen in Foolow - there are two other large holes dating back to the 1970's only half a mile away from this new landscape feature.

British Fluorspar, who own the land on which the Foolow Hole resides, now need to work out how to fill in the feature though will struggle to do so until the land settles and our wet winter weather improves.

Meanwhile, if you come to take photos of our village's most famous current attraction, don't forget to come to the Bull Head for some refreshment afterwards.....